The Braun Audio Media Story.

The Braun Audio Media Story.

Statement speakers for the eyes and ears. – Computerbild

The return of Braun Audio has been discussed extensively by various design and sound outlets. From written testimonies about the timeless look and intricate technology to YouTube videos lauding the uniqueness of the new products – the LE range excels on every level. All around the world.

About the Braun Audio LE01.

Pure luxury in sound and design, ease of use and respect for your privacy. These are the ingredients for a brilliant smart speaker. The Braun LE01 has them all.

Whatever kind of music you play with the Braun LE01, it brings out an amazing richness of sound in every track.” –

A stylish single-speaker solution for all contemporary forms of playback with an option for intelligent stereo pairing and multiroom.” – Fidelity Online

About the Braun Audio LE02.

Thoroughly modern take on a ninteen fifties design classic.

This loudspeaker shows a great deal of composure and dynamism for something of its size and price.”

The LE02 offers an instantly recognisable aesthetic that has not really been successfully replicated elsewhere.” – Stereonet

The LE02 is a lovely sounding speaker, with a big, smooth and balanced sound. It’s a speaker built for the music streaming age, and with its elegant appearance and wireless convenience, Braun Audio’s return to the hi-fi stage – at least as far as the LE02 is concerned – is a successful one.” – Trusted Reviews

Braun LE02 Unique High End Bluetooth Speaker with Google Assistant

The speakers are so detailed that you hear parts of the music track that you might not have heard before.” – Geekanoids on YouTube

About the Braun Audio LE03.

The LE03 represents a very solid return to the world of audio for Braun.” – Expertreviews

Thanks to intuitive DSP and smart functions, the LE03 brings music to any room in the house with ease and is extremely pleasant to use.” –

About the range.

The interplay of electronics and membranes is perfectly orchestrated – it sounds much more like large hi-fi than you’re used to from Bluetooth or smart speakers.” – Lowbeats

These very distinctly created WIFI speakers fit the Braun ethos of ‘less, but better’, which makes them paragons of pioneering product design.” – Computerbild

Mein liebster Smart-Speaker: BRAUN LE-Serie (review)

The best smart speaker I’ve ever heard.” – iKnowReview on YouTube

In the design world.

The Braun name is synonymous with good design. It comes as no surprise that the world’s leading design magazines would take notice. Whether it’s Monocle, Creative Review or Minimalissimo, high-profile publications agree that the minimalist Braun aesthetic is one for the books.

Braun design Exporter minimalist

1960, again.

The collaboration with Virgil Abloh for 100 Years of Braun, which produced a reimagination of the 1960 Wandanlage (wall unit consisting of L 450/2, TS 45 and TG 60) received quite some international coverage as well.

You want to know more about the Braun and Virgil Abloh collaboration? Check out the article.