Braun Design x LDF.

LDF London Design Festival

As part of London Design Festival 2020, design historians Dr. Peter Kapos and Dr. Jana Scholze met to discuss the history of Braun Design in a product-based talk. Focusing on audio designs from the 1950s and 60s, including the iconic TP1 and wall-mounted Hi-Fi system, they contextualise the brand’s design principles of simplicity, usefulness and longevity.

A journey through the history of Braun Design

Good Design for a Better Future

In a second panel of the convention with an extended introduction from Dr. Jana Scholze, global industry leaders Ilse Crawford MBE, Benjamin Hubert and Dr. Peter Kapos explore the idea of “good design for a better future” in anticipation of Braun’s 100th anniversary next year.

Good Design for a Better Future