Braun Audio debuts in New York with MoMA.

Braun Audio debuts in New York with MoMA.

A historical relationship with design

In 1932, The Museum of Modern Art instituted the world’s first-ever curatorial department for architecture and design. MoMA assigns a crucial cultural role to design, putting it on par with conventional mediums like painting and sculpture.

A unique selection process

Items are curated based on an array of 8 filters for good design before they make it to final approval:

  1. In or related to MoMA’s original collection
  2. In or related to MoMA’s cutting-edge exhibitions
  3. Innovative materials
  4. Innovative function
  5. Innovative technology
  6. Educational design for children
  7. Textile innovation
  8. Icons of design

A natural fit

As a manufacturer with previous work in the MoMA collection, Braun is known for intelligently designed, highly functional products that range from kitchen appliances to calculators and, of course, speakers. Dieter Rams, former Chief Design Officer of Braun, established his own design principles, many of which align with the MoMA philosophy, making the Braun brand and the MoMA concept a perfect match.

The Braun Audio brand at the MoMA concept store in New York

Braun Audio on MoMA Design Store