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Happy Birthday, Dieter Rams.

May 18, 2022 4 Min. Lesezeit

Happy Birthday, Dieter Rams.

Design veteran Dieter Rams turns 90 this May 20, and we are taking a look at his highly influential, decades-spanning career. Learn more!

Return to Kronberg - Braun Design Börse

May 16, 2022 3 Min. Lesezeit

Return to Kronberg – Braun Börse

Last Saturday, 14 May 2022, the long-awaited Braun Design Collectors Meeting took place once more in Kronberg near Frankfurt. Organiser Förderkreis Braun Sammlung e. V. invited visitors to the light-flooded atrium of the Braun GmbH administration building. Find everything Braun!

Sound Designed - What if you could see colour through sound? Synaesthesia

December 10, 2020 2 Min. Lesezeit

Sound, designed. Seeing colour through sound

Synaesthesia. The perceptual phenomenon in which two sensory or cognitive stimulations overlap. What if you could see colour through sound? Read more!

Braun Audio debuts in New York with MoMA.

November 17, 2020 < 1 Min. Lesezeit

Braun Audio debuts in New York with MoMA.

Dieter Rams, former Chief Design Officer of Braun, established his own design principles, many of which align with the MoMA philosophy, making the Braun brand and the MoMA concept a perfect match. Read more about the store in New York.

LE speaker series debuts at IFA 2019.

November 12, 2020 2 Min. Lesezeit

LE speaker series debuts at IFA 2019

After almost 30 years away from the audio category, Braun returns with a timeless yet technologically advanced reimagination of the iconic 1959 LE speakers. Berlin's IFA 2019, the most-visited industrial exhibition in Europe, served as the locale for the event. Read more about what's new!