The return to audio with Oliver Grabes

The return to audio with Oliver Grabes

In the 1950s, Braun Audio revolutionised the industrial design world with innovative audio products, amongst them the first all-wave receiver, the first mobile music player and the first stackable Hi-Fi system. The brand’s trailblazing past in this sector was a decisive factor for the legendary comeback. And what Braun Audio does today is create the perfect blend of timeless design and technological progress.

After almost three decades of absence, Braun made its long-awaited comeback to the audio category last year. The reimagined LE speaker series is in many ways redolent of the original collection from 1959. The design is still as timeless and inspirational, but the technology is much more advanced.

Purity of Design, Performance and Sound

The new range celebrates purity of design, performance and, of course, sound. In line with the traditional Braun ethos, the speakers follow Dieter Rams’ principles of good design while simultaneously paving the way for future innovations. Perfectly executing the linkage of classic design conventions and forward-thinking mechanics, the LE series delivers stunning intricacies of sound, smart technology functions, state-of-the-art connectivity and user-oriented privacy settings in an iconically elegant frame.

Prof. Oliver Grabes, Head of Braun Design, says of the comeback: “We excitingly mark the return of Braun Audio with the reinvention of one of the brand’s most iconic ranges – the LE. At Braun, the hallmarks of heritage, design and innovation have always been at the company’s core. The reintroduction of Braun Audio now means the brand reawakens its relationship with the audio world and the importance that sound, and particularly music, have in our lives.”

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Oliver Grabes: Why Braun returned to audio.