Design Inspirations with Sebastian Bergne.

Design Inspirations with Sebastian Bergne.

Making ordinary things special.

British industrial designer Sebastian Bergne is known for turning everyday objects into special ones with his essential and human design approach. Active in both mass and custom production for a variety of clients as well as limited edition gallery work, he is very versatile in his craft and applies the same dedication to all his projects. Read on for Sebastian’s take on Dieter Rams’ principle of ‘Good design is understandable.’

Sebastian Bergne Designs
“I enjoy working on a broad variety of product areas, whether it’s designing a brick or a vacuum cleaner.”

Varied projects, similar approach.

I take each project as a new beginning,” says the prolific, multi-award-winning designer. Rather than a one-size-fits-all type of process, he makes a point of considering “all aspects of an object’s existence – its functions, uses, ecological impact and meaning.” However, something all of his projects have in common is the approach to design, which becomes evident in all his creations upon closer inspection.

Sebastian Bergne, art is a life choice rather than a career.
To Sebastian, art is a life choice rather than a career.

Accompanied by sound.

Sebastian enjoys music when creating and listens to many different types as it’s “very linked to [his] mood and can have stronge associations.” Often, he opts for spoken radio, podcasts or classical music as he finds it non-disruptive to his concentration and workflow. Head over to Spotify to listen to Sebastian’s additions to our ‘Sounds that Inspire’ playlist:

Good design is understandable.

Dieter Rams’ principle ‘Good design is understandable’ matters a great deal to Sebastian, who considers communication a vital part of design. And this doesn’t just pertain to a product’s use or way of operation. “A principle idea must be clear,” he states. ‘If there’s a related meaning, back story or reference, that should also be legible.” The way he sees it, communication should happen on a design more than on a verbal level. “By reducing a design to its essentials, it becomes clearer. The desire to make clear, concise designs that function well and communicate is an aim in all my work.

Braun Audio x Sebastian Bergne

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