Design Inspirations with Jens Fager.

Design Inspirations with Jens Fager.

One of Sweden’s most well-established designers.

“Everything is and will be different,” goes Jens Fager’s philosophy. At the core of this vision sits an honest treatment of every product, an identification of its primary function and a reduction to its essence.

The work of Jens and his team centres around everyday human life, needs and experiences, try to make these things more fun, more elegant and more practical. The result is a product with poetic, humurous and surrealist qualities.

Jens Fager crafting something unique
Crafting something unique.

A belief in yourself.

A curious and outside-the-box-thinking creator, Jens connects being a good designer to being a transparent, self-trusting designer. “Being a good designer is mostly about, what I think, being honest to yourself and believing in your ideas,” he says.

Jens Fager workshop and chair design
A glimpse into Jens’ workshop.

Good design is honest.

Jens identifies very strongly with this Dieter Rams principle. Honesty is one of the major things for the initiation process of a project and pertains to everything from the choice of materials to the production techniques to consumer communication.

As an example, he cites his lamp designs for the Danish furniture house Muuto.

Braun Audio x Jens Fager

Varied listening.

Jens listens to music all day, “starting up with some nice classical music in the morning and some electronic monochrome music in the studio, but then maybe powering up with some hard rock for a running session.” Music is very important to him as it gives him an “extra dimension of creativity.”

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