Design Inspirations with Antrei Hartikainen.

Exquisite Nordic woodwork.

Antrei Hartikainen is a master cabinetmaker and designer from Finland crafting aesthetically refined furniture pieces, collectible designs and sculptural objects. Working mainly with wood materials, he constantly seeks to challenge and blur the traditional categorisations of functional objects and visual art. Read on to explore Dieter Rams’ principle of ‘Good design is aesthetic’ through Antrei’s eyes.

Antrei Hartikainen Braun Audio Design through woodwork

Appreciation of detail.

The award-winning designer has been working with wood all his life, which he describes as a process of “trying to achieve the heights of sensuality and elegance in the material.” Aesthetics play a crucial role in Antrei’s work.

“Suitable materials, surfaces and details are of significance for how the product aids, and how it feels. Through my work, I represent the importance of craftsmanship, sustainability, innovative use of material and beauty itself.”

Setting the scene.

Music is essential for many artists when practicing their craft. It inspires and drives them. It can create a space beyond the physical that is meant only for their art.

“I listen to music at home and in my workshop studio, and mainly, I want to set up a certain kind of mood and atmosphere,” says Antrei. “While listening to various kinds of music, I’m able to work and concentrate really differently. Sometimes, I need to calm down and focus on the details, and then for some other situation, I need to get more height and more energy.”

Good design is aesthetic.

Antrei holds artistic beauty in high esteem – not just in his own creations, but also in the work of others:

“I feel that good designers need to have an interest in observing, in being open-minded and brave enough to follow and show their own identity. The aesthetic quality itself is one of the most important values in my work. I want to create beautiful and meaningful pieces which can stand the test of time for generations to come.”

Antrei Hartikainen for Braun Audio Design - woodwork

Dieter Rams’ principle ‘Good design is aesthetic’ aligns perfectly with Antrei’s approach to designing something new. When he translates his vision into reality, he doesn’t want the final result to be in any way unsightly, unsustainable or without meaning. He believes that aesthetics don’t make a product sustainable but rather worthy of enduring admiration.

This is why fine-tuning the details, materials, forms and proportions is so important to me. Balancing them makes it possible to create a long-lasting bond between the object and the user.

Braun Audio x Antrei Hartikainen